So where have I been? Why is this blog suddenly so quiet? Did I lose my glasses?

I have been getting a lot of questions of late about the sudden silence on the blog front so I thought I would take a moment and explain what is going on here for those who may care.

There are a few factors at play that have contributed to the lack of blog entries. First and foremost is my job. OUP has an April 1 to March 31 fiscal year and therefore I tend to spend the first 6 months thinking and working on blue sky issues. Blogging comes much more naturally and easily as I have the time to think and write. The second half of my fiscal year is a study in the opposite.

All I am thinking about and working on is focused on achieving our goals and targets for the year. The bulk of my travel is between the end of August and the end of February. In that time-frame this year I will have gone to Asia for 2 weeks, the UK 6 separate weeks, Frankfurt for a week, and Latin America for at least a week. This doesn’t include any  US domestic travel that I do. (For anyone familiar with travel in the US these days, you know that this is by far the most difficult of all travel!)

So I am obviously swamped and am having trouble finding the time to create quality posts for this blog. I am also working at a company with a brand new CEO. Being that I was already struggling to find the time to write, I happily offered up to him the notion that I was on hiatus. I noted that I didn’t have the time to write new entries and I wanted to be sure that he and I agree on the role of my blog vis-a-vis OUP,  before I get back into circulation.

While I may claim this blog is my own and any opinions herein have nothing to do with OUP, that hasn’t stopped any headline one of my pieces may have created over the last 6 months from blaring out “OUP exec says…” I would be naive and a fool (or both), if I thought what I said wasn’t in some way reflective on OUP.

This blog is not dead – rather it is is alive and kicking. I have many ideas that simply need time to be fleshed out and posted. But for now – and I cannot say for how long this hiatus will last – I will not be posting. I will use every social media and broadcast tool I know to announce the end of this hiatus, so don’t worry about missing anything new!


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  1. I will be speaking at two upcoming conferences: The Publishing Business Expo in NYC March 8-10 and the London Book Fair, London April 19-21. I am sure i will touch a bit on the recent developments that has stirred our book world!

  2. Evan, looking forward to your own personal thoughts and insights about the agency model (independent of the “OUP exec” status.)

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