Pass the Gestalt, Please

In the past two weeks I have heard forcefully stated pronouncements by agent Andrew Wylie and chair of the Society of Authors, Tom Holland, regarding ebook royalty rates.  A 50/50 share between author and publisher is the only possible outcome they can accept, citing the tired and somewhat old argument we have heard before:

The publisher has little or no incremental out of pocket cost to create ebooks, therefore the income should be split in the same manner as subsidiary rights, which is generally 50/50. Continue reading “Pass the Gestalt, Please”


Dear Reader:

I have been working on finishing the series on disaggregated textbooks and on a new series on territorial rights in a digital world. But alas, production has been slowed by work and life of late. However, with the following announcement now public, I promise to get back to posting somewhat more regularly.

I hope to be back online soon!