Evan SchnittmanA bit about me. My wonderfully long and absurd title is Managing Director, Group Sales and Marketing, Print and Digital, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.  What that translates to is that I work for an amazing publisher that was rocketed into the limelight by one particular set of books for children but has grown into a global adult and children’s trade publisher as well as an incredibly important academic publisher. Best of all, I get to run the global sales and marketing of all print and digital products as well as licensing and business development deals. Woo-Hoo!

I recently left Oxford University Press, (yes, someone actually left OUP!) where i was Vice President of Global Corporate & Business Development where I was responsible for all digital partnerships and licensing across OUP’s 5 content divisions and M&A for teh Academic, Journals, and USA divisions.

As my remit at Bloomsbury (and previously at OUP) is global I have leaned about market behaviors and done extensive deals in Asia, Eastern, Western, and Northern Europe, and the UK. I speak and write fairly extensively on the key issues facing media and technology companies in today’s digital world.

I got my head start in business development and technology at The Princeton Review. There I evolved into the EVP of a web-based, advertising supported, college admissions business. I was formerly at Little, Brown as a senior editor in their Medical Division and prior to that I was an acquisitions editor and sales rep at FA Davis where I developed and sold Nursing textbooks. My start in publishing came at Barnes & Noble’s main store on 18th and 5th avenue.

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